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Healing Mummies Postnatal Massage Hong Kong

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Company Background

Company Background and About Nickie Healing Mummies Postnatal Massage Hong Kong is inspired by a wonderful experience I had after I gave birth to my daughter. I have been married to a Malaysian-Chinese for over 12 years.  My mother-in-law had recommended a Malay-Indonesian tradition, Jamu post-natal massage and binding service which is both popular and used by mothers of all races in Malaysia. I did not realize its incredible benefits and immediate effects until I personally experienced my first postnatal massage and binding service after the birth of my daughter. In all honesty, my intention was to solely trim my body down back to my pre-natal figure before going back to my office day job. Upon the completion of my postnatal massage and binding service, I was genuinely happy and delighted that I was back to my original clothing size and all this was achieved before the end of my maternity leave. My friends, colleagues and relatives were equally surprised and could not tell the difference in my appearance i.e. before and after giving birth.   Shortly after, with the support and encouragement from my husband, family and friends, I decided to focus and pursue my studies in childbirth e.g. herbal ball massage, manual lymphatic drainage massage, aromatherapy etc.; finally culminating in a full postnatal massage professional training course in Bali. All of the foregoing gave me the necessary knowledge, insight and experience to start this venture and help new mothers gain their pre-natal shape and confidence back through postnatal massage and binding service.

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