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Body Changes After Childbirth

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There are many changes to the body and mind after childbirth. However, some of these changes are obvious and typically undesirable, including:

1.       Abdominal muscles becoming weak and loose;

2.      Diastasis rectus;

3.      Formation of “mummy tummy”;

4.      Water retention in limbs and abdominal area;

5.      Frequent tension to the shoulder, back and forearm muscles;

6.      Stretch marks appearing around the abdominal area and thighs; and

7.      Constant lack of sleep, motivation and energy.

Due to various reasons, postpartum women in Hong Kong generally have a hard time finding time to schedule a restoring program to get back in shape. We therefore feel postnatal massage and traditional binding is the ideal and recommended method for both self-pampering and to help speed up the recovery process after childbirth.


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